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YouTube – Publicity Fast-Tracking Film and Cinemas

Social media, YouTube in particular, has become a pillar of film and self-promotion within the cinema industry. This role can be divided into three different and distinct areas; trailer and review channels, targeted ads, and self-promotion providing the means to engage with the industry to support producers and actors alike. 

Youtube offers an interactive platform where viewers can follow the lives of their favourite actors or any developments in their favourite film genres or producers. By producing and supporting content for major screen films that production companies are trying to promote they can establish a deeper connection to their viewer than they would achieve compared to conventional advertising. Furthermore, this two-directional flow between audience and producer, facilitated by channels that review or discuss films and their subsequent comment sections, provide a deeper insight into audience satisfaction and critique. Over the years, youtube has added functions to keep people constantly updated in areas that they follow as well as migrating material to other video sharing platforms such as Twitch, which further defines the value of establishing a community. 

Everyone is familiar with ads at the start of a video on Youtube, like the trailers before a movie at the cinema. Video advertising has always been hugely successful but the ability to interact with YouTube influencers or choose to skip, enhances the relationship even moreso. Production companies can utilise YouTube’s ads to promote their films as they have previously proven to provide high conversion rates due to targeting algorithms employed in the software. Depending on budget, the first few seconds of a trailer can appear at the start of any video, pulling in a viewer to watch the entire story. 

On the other hand, smaller productions can run ads before their own videos are published and use it as a source of revenue to fund their projects, or in turn to run their own ads that can often prove to be rather expensive. 

In addition to promoting movies, YouTube can be used as a means to promote an individuals’ work, particularly for less established actors or producers. Youtube can establish a portfolio that one can also market and grow within their sphere of influence. This is particularly valued by previously mentioned directors or film companies to promote their work, as the requirement to make a successful video is far easier and has a lower barrier of entries than promoting in a cinema environment


Laurent Zahut

 Likewise, influencers have made the jump from YouTube and onto the big screens of Hollywood movies. Having a devoted following, of often millions of users, these individuals are marketing marvels as they tap into this following to spread interest and later revenue. These individuals can also be used in ad campaigns, as they are the key to converting their fans into a following, on any platform that can be promoted. 

Youtube, along with other social media platforms, plays a vital role in marketing and promotional models throughout the cinema industry for production companies and individuals alike. Its multifaceted appeal can prove to be extremely successful and should not be overlooked even when some ads may appear frustrating or cynical.

Laurent Zahut


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